Get ready to be carried far away from your worries, as you relax to this FREE download of simple yet refreshing instrumental music from one of the most intuitive new artists in the New Age genre.

Simple Calming Music by Glen Burg

Photo by Tony McQuaid


 And you can download three selections right here, for free!

Through his recorded work in collaboration with Certified Angel Therapist(TM) Kimspirational for her meditational CD “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, both came to the realization that Glen’s music had the energy to soothe and relax listeners everywhere, with its simple yet sufficiently ornamented style. It is light enough to allow one to relax and drift away, yet detailed enough to get the mind to slow down its chatter. The result is a balanced instrumental music which brings the listener into a state of focus and relaxation, a result similar to that of meditation.

One could therefore describe this Simple Calming Music as instrumental meditational music: the timbres and melodies themselves provide the unspoken narration, guiding the listener to visualize and daydream along to each piece’s sound.  Melodies evoke a sense of familiarity, while remaining fresh and original. The themes of Glen’s selections often reflect spiritual or natural elements, yet remain accessible to anyone wishing to release tensions or just feel a sense of peace and balance: no particular knowledge is required apart from the desire to calm down and relax. Children and adults alike, from different walks of life, have already enjoyed this Simple Calming Music to help them relax and even drift off to Dreamland, for a good night’s sleep.

Simple Calming Music offers meditational music which soothes the mind and spirit. This is music that is simultaneously simple and relaxing, but rich in structure and instrumentation. It is music that can be enjoyed by all who are looking for a relaxing experience, be it for yoga, meditation, or even calming down at the end of the day. And for a limited time, Glen has made available a free selection from each of three recorded albums. These free selections allow you to feel the state of relaxation and inner peace this music brings, free of charge. Simply enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site, and you will immediately be sent the download link to these tracks.

Enter your name and email address, fluff up your pillow, recline your chair, or simply sit down on your favorite cushion, and discover first hand the heightened state of inner peace and relaxation this Simple Calming Music brings.